Is an advanced countdown application which allows you to set up to three simultaneous countdowns. The app offers a well-designed interface, and also provides a short notification before a countdown ends.
Disponible sur l'App Store
Countdown MyTime :
  • 3 modifiable Countdown
  • 3 modifiable Notifications
  • 15 different alarms
  • Progree bar
  • Portrait and Landscape orientation support
Mon Crédit application iPad
Version iPad disponible sur l'App Store
Version iPhone disponible sur l'App Store
Simulation de crédit 'Mon Crédit' :
  • Tableau d'amortissement complet
  • Calcul de la capacité d'emprunt
  • Calcul de la capacité de remboursement mensuelle
  • Calcul de remboursement anticipé
  • Graphiques
  • Logo Personnalisable
  • Enregistrement des dossiers
  • Envoi par E-mail du tableau d'amortissement au format PDF et/ou CSV
  • Impression via AirPrint
Version iPhone disponible sur l'App Store
VAT Calculator Pro :
  • List of VAT rates of all countries of Europe with 27 countries and 76 countries around the world for a total of 103 countries!
  • Not rate limiting by country (normal, reduced, special ...)
  • Calculation of NET or GROSS values ​​from a VAT rate
  • Calculator with all the functions needed simple calculation.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Update rates by simply pressing
  • Add your own rate
  • Select the number of digits after the decimal point
  • Copy the results and paste them into another document (email, word processing ...)